The Edible Roofgarden

We have just started a new project working with Oaklands School in Bethnal Green to revitalise the roof garden space. Pupils will be growing food and making products that will be sold at community open days with any profits being reinvested back into the garden's ongoing development.

More information to follow.

Endless Summer Endless Square

Avant-Gardening the Floating Cinema.

Avant-Gardening's Paul has curated a programme of films for the Floating Cinema in Milton Keynes this summer. The Floating Cinema is, exactly as its name suggests, a cinema on a barge, weaving its way along the city's canals. The Floating Cinema’s programme will include a combination of intimate on board screenings, larger outdoor screenings, where films are projected from the cinema onto the canal bank and a programme of free talks and associated events.

The overarching theme of the Floating Cinema's Residency is Home. Paul's programme has two strands to complement the theme. The first of these is a selection of cult classics and genre films where a house or a home, however it is defined, becomes a central character in the film.  Grey Gardens is the crumbling mansion inhabited by Jackie Kennedy's cousins, it is both a home and a metaphorical prison for Little Edie as she argues with her mother and pines for her past life as a New York socialite. Terence Malick's sublime Days of Heaven has a house as a symbol of aspiration, a better life for the couple of migrant workers who are employed on the land.  And it is home which Dorothy searches for in the classic Wizard of Oz.

The second strand offers a different perspective by looking at how the land has shaped our history and the lives of its people. Milton Keynes is the perfect setting for these films; designed and built in the 1960's but constantly referencing Britain's ancient and mythical past in its choice of street names and even integrated into its planning. These films explore concepts of a mystical ancient history and tradition and their regular resurgence in the national consiousness, even in times of perceived all-conquering modernity. Among the films to be screened is Arcadia, a cinematic collage concealing a folk-horror tale. Penda's Fen was screened as a BBC Play For Today in the 1970s and despite the excellent reviews it was rarely shown again, however, the increasing interest in hauntology led to the film being rescued and restored by the BFI. New audiences have elevated the film's reputation still further and it is now considered by many to be a key work in British drama. 

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Midsummer Night's Dream Garden

Seedball Saturday

Seedball Saturday
Seedball Saturday

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Bug Hotel

Bermondsey Bug Hotel
Bermondsey Bug Hotel

All at Avant-Gardening were delighted that the new bug hotel was recently installed in the Dream Garden pocket park. The bug hotel was visioned through a series of workshops and activities on the site before being designed and built by Thomas Cretton. Pupils from Snowsfields and Tower Bridge Primary Schools created individual rooms for the bugs so that the bug hotel will offer the latest in cutting edge interiors! The hotel rooms will be installed very soon.

The bug hotel is part of the ongoing project to improve bio-diversity in the area, it will support insects which will in turn help with pest control and pollination and helping to keep an ecological balance. It is also going to be an integral part of our outdoor education programme which has also seen local schools bring groups of 20 – 35 children into the garden to explore the wildlife and help to imagine and design the future of the garden.


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Help Needed

Avant-Gardening need somebody with carpentry skills to build a bug hotel. Please see attached pdf for more information.

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