Ice cream for the weekend

There are two more opportunities to enjoy the taste sensations of Operation Deep Freeze this weekend.

Saturday 14 June we are at The Wonky Prong, Church Street, Deptford SE8. 1.30 - 4.00

We will be running an ice cream workshop using product bought from local gardens to see what flavour you can come up with. The winning flavour will be documented as the Taste of Deptford 

Sunday 15 June we are at The Bridge, East Greenwich Pleasaunce. 1.00 - 4.00

We will be churning up one of the flavours created during the project so far and offering a taster to visitors to the Picnic in the Pleasaunce

Check Out Operation Deep Freeze at Chelsea Fringe

Its been a very busy couple of months preparing for the launch of Operation Deep Freeze (ODF), our collaboration with Lisa Cheung.  ODF is a mobile sculpture that hides a secret. It makes ice creams! But not just any old ice creams, these are ice creams created by participants in the project using a wide range of fruits, herbs and vegetables, spices and extracts. As the summer progresses we will also be harvesting the edibles we planted at schools and community groups and using them to flavour the ice creams.

To develop the project we have been working with schools, community gardens and artists to develop a fun workshop format which we have recently piloted at Assembly in Deptford and the East Greenwich Pleasaunce. We have also been testing a school workshop with our partner schools including Halstow Primary School, St Alfege's School and Robert Owen School.

Now ODF is part of the fabulouse Chelsea Fringe and we will be hosting more ice cream making and tasting sessions as part of the alternative garden festival.  You can keep up with the progress of Operation Deep Freeze on the dedicated blog page at 

Ritual and Play

Short films and found footage exploring Mayday ritual and the games people play. 

Saturday 3 May 12pm - 4pm at Assembly, Frankham Street, Deptford SE8

An Owl Seance 

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Operation Deep Freeze on Soundcloud

The Avant-Gardeners are delighted to be collaborating with Rosie Oliver of Tickertape Productions to create these short podcasts that take you behind the scenes of Operation Deep Freeze.

"Tickertape produce spoken audio podcasts and features about inspiring people and projects. "

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The Owl Seance

A programme of short films at MK Gallery, March 2014. A journey through the lost A roads of the British landscape as we explore new towns, electronica, suburban witchcraft and the echoes of a haunted past

For more on these themes visit our OWL SEANCE Tumblr

For more information about the video programme visit MK Gallery

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Walk of Shame Tate Britain

Following their Shame Show at MK Gallery in 2013 Mertle Merman, aka performance artist, Caroline Smith and 'Cardinal' Paul are re-uniting to explore a selection of artworks in the Tate Collection.

Join their Walk of Shame

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Operation Deep Freeze - the school years

surprising smells and flavours
surprising smells and flavours
Creating the drinks
Creating the drinks

Operation Deep Freeze has begun in the Borough of Greenwich where artists, Lisa Cheung, Rebecca Beinart and Ella Perkins have run sessions in taste exploration with the pupils.

Starting with blind tastings and combining flavours the pupils began to describe the tastes and their responses to them as a way of thinking how they would create a new product. They then went on to produce a flavoured water drink which they named and created a short fun advertisement for.

These early workshops iintroduced the children to the concepts behind the project and also got them to think about where the food flavourings come from; which flavourings could they grow themselves? what language can we use when describing food and flavour?

The explorations now continue in preparation for the launch of the Operation Deep Freeze unit.

Keep up to date with the project on Operation Deep Freeze 

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Operation Deep Freeze

Operation Deep Freeze is now underway thanks to funding from Arts Council, England's Grants for the Arts scheme and Royal Borough of Greenwich's Community Arts Fund.

Operation Deep Freeze is an investigation into community engagement through uniquely flavoured ice-creams which will be devised by project participants who will also be encouraged to grow the flavour ingredients, create their own ice creams and then take them out on the road in the ODF machine.

Project development workshops are beginning in early December with workshops in local schools.

Artists on the project include; Lisa Cheung, Rebecca Beinart and Polly Brannan

For more information visit the Operation Deep Freeze blog.


Rookhampton Time Machine

October screening
October screening

Rookhampton Time Machine made it to the big, BIG screen this week as part of an outdoor film screening in Roehampton. 


artwork by polly brannan
website by the useful arts organisation