Polly On the Edgware Road

Our lead artist, Polly Brannan, will be contributing to the up-coming exhibition 'On the Edgware Road' which makes public three years of research generated by the Serpentine's Edgware Road Project. The exhibition includes installations, films and performances, both at the Serpentine Gallery and at the Centre for Possible Studies, the project's home. The exhibition allows visitors to experience the findings of the artists and local partners involved in the Project and highlights future programmes that will unfold throughout the next year.

Polly has worked with the Serpentine as an artist, educator and curator for the last 8 years and has been heavily involved with the ambitious Edgware Road Project at the Serpentine Gallery and Centre for Possible Studies since it first launched. Polly will be collaborating with Jackson Lam, an independent London based designer http://jacksonlamstudio.com/ and co-founder of Hato Press http://hatopress.net/ on the production of several publications, archives, active discussions and presentations with various Edgware Road users as well as the general public. This artist led project by Polly and Jackson has been derived from CAMP'S software project 'edgwareroad com', an open publishing platform and archive for self organised local research which features in the exhibition.

'On the Edgware Road' 6-28 March 2012

Join Polly and Jackson at the free public drop in events: Possibility Archives

Greenwich Cabinet of Curiosities

Avant-Gardening are excited to have received funding from Arts Council, England, for their latest project, The Greenwich Cabinet of Curiosities. The project is envisaged as the first of a number of cabinets which will explore place through local knowledge and curate and capture this into a co-curated mobile archive unit. 

For more information see the Project Page or 'like' the Cabinet on Facebook 

The Place Where Plums Grow

Find out more about our new project to bring orchards back to the Woolwich Common area. This project is still being developed and we will be looking for volunteers to collaborate and join in with us on this ambitious new project http://www.avantgardening.org/projects/the-place-where-plums-grow

Lavender Hill Christmas Procession

Thursday 8 December starting at 4.30pm at the Battersea Arts Centre Christmas Market.

Avant-Gardening will be leading a lantern procession from the Christmas Market to Gideon Road, where there will be a gospel choir singing carols.

Avant-Gardener, Polly, is currently working with Wix Primary School and Shaftesbury Park School to create lanterns influenced by the local area and the children will be leading the procession up Lavender Hill singing a new song they have created with the artist. Come and join us and get the Christmas season off to a festive start

Come and join us transforming your empty plastic milk bottles into festive lanterns in the Lower Hall at BAC, Thursday, 8 December 2.30 - 4.20pm

Extra big thanks go out to Hilary Blackburn and the Level 3 Extended Diploma Art and Design Course students from New Vic 6th form who built the props for this event: 

Abdul Ahmadzai

Ayrton Castro

Inayat Hassan

Iona Hudson

Eillyne Khan

Muhammad Mujahid

Nurul Shumon


Topics: [children and young people] [public art] [Wandsworth]

Sowing the Seeds

Sowing the Seeds is a newly published report into London children's engagement with nature. Avant-Gardening was one of the groups interviewed for this report that investigates strategies for re-engagement. 

The report can be downloaded from http://www.londonsdc.org/lsdc/research.aspx and a short report highlighting the issues identified can be found in today's edition of The Standard. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-24011324-green-spaces-are-an-alien-world-for-one-in-seven-london-children.do

Topics: [children and young people] [green spaces] [nature] [urban]

Urban Agriculture and Employability Skills

Avant-Gardening contributed to this very interesting report written by Olivia Varley-Winter which looks at some of the benefits of urban gardening. http://www.skillsdevelopment.org/researchprojects/urban_agriculture.aspx

Nightingale Nature TV

Dr Rosie Apple in the garden
Dr Rosie Apple in the garden

This short film made over a couple of afternoons in late summer captures some of the fun the young people of Nightingale Estate in Woolwich had creating activities in the community garden http://youtu.be/iMYKkdtzMTU

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Salford Zine Library

Avant-Gardening have been included in the Salford Zine Library. Check out their blog all you zine fans



Green Fingers at the Serpentine

Inspired by the Summer 2011 Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery  the Avant-Gardeners organised an eco themed family day where participants were invited to design a plot of land for a new eco-city. Working together they built models of inspiring new ecological facilities which were added into the city. The day served as a pilot for a new eco-urban planning strategy game project that Avant-Gardening are currently developing

We were so impressed by the great ideas that people came up with to make the city a fully functioning, sustainable and FUN place to live. Have a look at our Tumblr page for more images of the day 

Topics: [eco-city] [Serpentine Gallery] [urban planning]

Embrace the Place: Tate Britain

Lisa and the Mobile Planting unit
Lisa and the Mobile Planting unit

Avant Gardening and Lisa Cheung will be joining the Tate Local event, Embrace the Place on Saturday 3 Sept 1pm to 5pm. Click here for more information

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