Green on the Move

Green on the Move

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Avant-Gardening joined forces with public works for a three day showcase in Canary Wharf. Passers by, shoppers, commuters and workers were asked to share their gardening tips and stories, to plant a pot plant, to smile for the camera and contribute to our on-site publication Green on the Move, which you can download, flick through or print.

The temporary Canary Wharf Avant-Garden was created in the mobile porch, designed by public works, which became a space to relax, chat and admire the miniature garden. Visitors were invited to map their favourite green spaces in the area and share gardening tips and anecdotes with the Avant-Gardeners. The fanzine, Green on the Move, was produced and published on site using lo-fi collage techniques to aid the immediacy of the project and so that passers-by could be part of the project instantly.

Photography by Ben Brannan


artwork by polly brannan
website by the useful arts organisation