Suburban Treasure Trail

During their residency at Stanley Picker Gallery Avant-Gardening created a range of alternative maps that followed the route from Kingston Train Station to the Stanley Picker Gallery

The dye map
This mapping was created following the route from station to gallery and foraging for natural things to dye. The wooden panel represents the route and roads itself and each silk is of a colour made from a natural dye found on the way. 

Green Words

This map descriptively takes you from Kingston Station to the Stanley Picker Gallery. Using only text and descriptions of all things natural we hope you can get yourself to the gallery.

St Johns Primary School Map

 This map was created directly onto the gallery's floor. The pupils collectively created a large scale map adding drawings and descriptions on the route to create a personal montage of the route through collage and found items from the route


Photographers Map
A walk with local residents from Mill Street took place and every inch of the route was covered and recorded through photography

The Stanley Picker Walk

Pressings and Lamp shade Map 
Participants joined in with a walk during which they looked at their local environment and collected natural items which were pressed and later made into a lampshade that abstractedly represents the journey from the Train Station to the Stanley Picker Gallery

artwork by polly brannan
website by the useful arts organisation